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We’re revolutionizing the travel experience for avid explorers by delivering real-time storytelling to you at your exact location! Imagine having captivating stories and insights narrated by incredibly talented and passionate creators themselves! You’ll be able to immerse yourself in these tales through videos, audio, and augmented reality – all on your mobile device.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Make sure you're headed to Athens this year! Purchase an Athens Pass on 

Download the Smartvisit app after your pass purchase, and get access to your Athens Pass and Jrnyz.

Once you've registered in the Smartvisit App you will have access to your Athens Pass and Jrnyz.  

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Final Step

Pick a Jrnyz or do both:

Walk with the Gods of Greece - Athens Rises. 8 stops

Walk with the Gods of Greece - Epic Trials. 4 stops


  • Switch ON Location on your phone when you arrive in Athens

  • Switch ON Notifications on your phone

  • Download Jrnyz when you have free Wi-Fi at your hotel or cafe/restaurant before you set off on your tour

  • Take your headphones

  • Always be aware of your surroundings

  • Send us a picture of you using Jrnyz!


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