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  • How much does it cost?
    We're currently in BETA so Jrnyz comes free with every Athens Pass you purchase from Sign up to our newsletter to get 10% off the purchase of an Athens pass.
  • How do I buy an Athens Pass?
    You can purchase an Athens Pass online at There are several Athens Passes to choose from including the Unlimited Athens Attractions Pass and the Athens Museum Pass. These are prepaid city passes that get you entry into the most popular Athens attractions including the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum without having to wait in line. Jrnyz automatically comes with each Athens pass only from All we ask is for some feedback in return.
  • What makes this different to other travel products?
    Being travelers ourselves we wanted to merge the real stuff in front of us with interesting information that wasn't going to bore us. It wasn't an easy ask but we think we've come up with a great mix. We teamed up with the best content creators out there to bring you relevant, interesting, entertaining content the way we consume most of our content. No more dull audio tours to put you to sleep or travel books to carry around, you've got all the information in a handy app and we are working on more cities as we go, with more city pass providers.
  • Do I need my phone?
    Yes you do, but we know you wouldn't leave home without it.
  • What is the Smartvisit App?
    The Smartvisit App is like our super-hero! Whenever you buy a pass that is powered by Smartvisit, the app comes along for the ride. The app acts like your best travel-buddy, it acts as a wallet for your tickets and passes, gets you to where you need to be with interactive maps, notifies you when there's some cool things around, and you get access to a live chat if you need assistance.
  • I'm a content creator with some cool stuff
    Great, get in contact with us. Your content needs to be city specific, high quality, factual but entertaining and be video, audio or AR and have a theme to it. Contact us at:
  • What languages does Jrnyz come in?
    As we're in BETA we've started with English only.

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